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Efficiency First California is the voice of the California home performance industry advocating for a sustainable, scalable market that competes on innovation and efficiency. 

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 Residential Clean Energy Roundtable 

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Efficiency First California's Member’s Only website hosts members-only access to our  Introduction to Home Performance video training series.  This twelve-part video series is our CBPCA Level 1,  BPI training and is designed to be both a technical training resource for your crew and an over view of building science for your staff.  When you become a member, the videos are yours to watch as many times as you want. 

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Residential Clean Energy Roundtable Briefing Webinar:

Expanded Collaboration Needed to Scale Efficiency Industry

Efficiency First California invites you to learn about the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable, a new proposal to expand industry participation in the current Home Upgrade program partnership and enable representatives from industry, government, utilities, and program implementation teams to focus on market-building and respond quickly to market issues/opportunities. This Webinar summarizes where we are now, where we need to go, and how the the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable can get us there. Learn about the:

Residential Clean Energy Roundtable: The Roundtable would be composed of members of the current Energy Upgrade California™ Home Upgrade Working Group, including utility and implementer teams, and a new Industry Council (see below) that convene to address program AND market issues and pursue scalable, sustainable market growth.

Industry Council: An Industry Council would be established to bring industry issues to the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable. The Industry Council would be composed of a broad and comprehensive roster of trade associations for contractors active in the residential efficiency market including: home performance contractors, Building Performance Institute, HVAC companies, insulation contractors, energy auditors, solar contractors, manufacturers and distributors, financing providers, real estate professionals, mortgage brokers, and other interested private-sector stakeholders with geographic diversity.

Transparency: Adopt a policy of public transparency that includes posting meeting notes/minutes, group documents, member list, and other process documentation on a publically accessible Web platform, and open attendance to all meetings to any interested party.

Consensus: Adopt a robust and consensus-based collaboration process to ensure utility, program, and industry partners can reach agreement on program changes, market-focused solutions, and action steps before program updates are implemented.

To learn more: view the Residential Clean Energy Roundtable Webinar video, download the presentation slides with notes, and visit the EF CaliforniaBLOG. 

Or contact Charles Cormany, Executive Director at ccormany@efficiencyfirstca.org

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EUC 2.0: A Market-Based Solution for Meeting our State Energy Goals Webinar:

Industry Debuts Market-Based Solution to Meet State Energy Goals

What is it going to take to meet State energy goals for California’s 13 million homes?

A scalable energy efficiency market that rewards actual energy savings and leverages traditional market structures that already allow other comparable markets to grow and thrive. 

EUC 2.0: A Market-Based Solution for Meeting Our State Energy Goals presents industry’s roadmap for building a scalable, sustainable energy efficiency market that can serve California’s 13 million homes and handle the estimated $100 billion of economic activity that effort will generate.

To succeed we need: (1) verified actual energy savings — and an effective means to reward customers and contractors for energy savings results, (2) profitable business models (until Participating Contractors start making money, nothing will turn EUC around), and (3) competition and innovation to ensure the full range of homeowner needs are met.

In the building sector, there is precedence for such a market-based solution: California Solar Initiative.  We can build an energy efficiency market by using a new program that will provide options for calibrated-to-actual-energy-savings energy modeling tools that support a variety of business models, and setting in place traditional market structures, such as open third-party implementers, to harvest the full value of the State’s preferred “least-cost” energy source: The kWhs and therms we don’t use.

To learn more: download the presentation slides.

For more information contact Charles Cormany, Executive Director at ccormany@efficiencyfirstca.org.

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The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) was created in 1976 to assist low-income families who lacked resources to invest in energy efficiency. This video not only shines a light on the existing success of the WAP, but it also takes a look at its recent evolution through the Guidelines for Home Energy Professionals project. This particular effort has brought a greater sense of unity to the industry, defining quality work, quality workers, and quality training. - Home Energy Pros



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Efficiency First Live Webinar Series:

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Trade Shows & Conferences: 

HabitatX Summer National Conference

Tuesday, July 21 - Thursday, July 23 
Big Sky Resort, Montana 


2015 ACI Mid-Atlantic Regional Home Performance Conference
Tuesday, October 20 & Wednesday, October 21
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

2015 ACI California Regional Home Performance Conference
Monday, November 9 & Tuesday, November 10
Sacramento, California






Efficiency First California is your advocate in the Home Performance Industry

Bringing the Voice of Home Performance to Policy Decisions

Home performance contractors are on the frontlines of a paradigm shift in California energy policy called market transformation. This transformation is driven by State energy goals and incentive programs run by government and utility partners across the state. As the marketplace evolves to deliver deeper and longer-lasting energy reductions, home performance contractors play an increasingly vital role in shaping the future of energy efficiency in California.  

Now more than ever, the voice of home performance professionals is needed to inform decision makers and shape policies to ensure success. We do that through advocacy.

Exactly what is advocacy?  Advocacy is the political process by which we influence public policy and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, social, and institutional systems. Through our advocacy activities, Efficiency First California (EF California) serves as the “voice” of the home performance industry with state regulatory agencies such as the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and California Energy Commission (CEC), the state’s four Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), two Regional Energy Networks (RENs), and many local and regional governments. 

How does EF California fulfill its role as California’s home performance industry advocate? We work closely with you, our members, to identify issues and challenges important to home performance success and to bring those concerns and recommendations to regulatory, government, and utility partners. We monitor marketplace developments to ensure the contractor’s voice is consulted early and often as programs and policies are designed. We monitor legislation and provide industry comment as bills are developed. And we seek alliances with industry partners in HVAC, insulation, and efficiency related industries to build strong partnerships. To be truly effective these advocacy activities, we work hard to keep you informed, to solicit your input, and to listen to what you have to say.  Only then can we be prepared to speak on your behalf in these various forums.

What is your role in an effective advocacy process? When talking with home performance contractors we often hear: “We need to get together, make a plan, and get these people to listen to us before they make decisions that affect the way we do business.” That is exactly what EF California is doing with your help. We encourage you to get involved. As an individual, it is difficult to make your voice heard in the policy making process. As a community of home performance professionals, however, we have the power to inform and influence decisions that affect our businesses and our customers. We want to know what you think. Therefore as we publish information and industry news in our newsletter or on our Website, we will always provide a way for you to give us feedback.

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